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I feel motivated to move forward. FINALLY I dive into something real! You are Marvellous. Daniel, thank you for making me realize that anything is possible!!!

Sonia Madore
Nuclear Medicine Technician

My heart is filled with gratitude and happiness! Another energy now thrives within me and I thank life for having put you on my way. THANKS Daniel!

Isabelle Chiasson

Wow! Daniel, you opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities I had never even seen. It triggered in me a totally amazing process. Daniel’s really POWERFUL. THANKS Daniel, from the bottom of my heart.

Benoit Paradis
Realtor REMAX

I strongly recommend you meet with Daniel whether for professional or personal situations. What a beautiful meeting!!!!!

Diane Rivard
Laval University

I made a 7 hour trip (to/from) to meet Daniel. He put me back on track, in the direction that is consistent with who I am now, with all my potential, my expertise and background. I’m really glad that I am now moving in the right direction.

Hélène Pelletier

I’m from France and I really wanted to obtain a meeting with Canadian author Daniel Blouin during my trip to Quebec. I came out of this meeting a Millionaire. Not in a monetarily way, but he completely renewed my perception of myself and therefore, a millionaire for having found my freedom. Daniel, thank you!!

Vincent D.
Trainer in France

In just one hour I had the impression of changing and I came to several realizations that would help business grow and who I am. WOW! Daniel, you really are a champion listener of synthesis and the essentials. Many thanks! I look forward to my next meeting!

Janic Losier

When comes the time I feel the need, I will not hesitate to make the return trip to Quebec City from Montreal only to have lunch with Daniel. He always finds a way to make us see the other side of the coin and make us realize that life is not necessarily a one way and sometimes it is good to get out of our lane

Martin Lachance
President Wasabi Agency

A consultation session with Daniel Blouin is a must. With authenticity and without pretention, he helped change the course of my life. He has all you need to help you take that step in your life.

Nadine Pradet

I took the risk to make a return trip to Quebec from Montreal for a consultation with Daniel. It was very profitable. The most powerful kick in the butt. He has the power to immerse yourself in the simple, feasible and achievable action that you need so you can achieve your dreams. Thank you for encouraging me to move to the passing lane. Meet him! It’s worth it! Promise! Everything is simple with him.

Karine Laflamme Audet and Mélanie

Because of my meeting with Daniel Blouin, lots of changes will take place in my life!

Guy Massé
CHOI FM Presenter

Daniel Blouin is definitely in the top 5 people who has inspired me the most.

Marto Napoli
Host – NRJ Radio Pirate

A meeting with Daniel Blouin, can change your life! Daniel, thank you for the precious moment!

Frédéric Gamache
Waves Creations

I highly recommend Daniel’s coaching consultation because he is a man of action, experience, credibility who can quickly establish the goals we need! For me it was very revealing and it works. I am living again!!!!

Nancy Néron

Today, I fell back into MY heart, MY life path. What a magical encounter I had with Daniel! It was both a Break out of my comfort Zone and a springboard. Thank you for your welcome, your simplicity, thank you especially for being so accessible, what a gift! Wholeheartedly! THANK YOU!

Marie-Josée Lapointe

My career change was too close to see. Thank you Daniel for helping me find it!!

JB Livernoche

Daniel made me realize many things and he was the last piece of my puzzle. Thank you so much for this great awareness! I am preparing my most beautiful breakout of my life!!!

David Chamberland
CD Covers

Frank, honest and accomplished are three wonderful qualities that form a totally spiritual comfort. This ‘all’ can be described in two words: Daniel Blouin

Fanny Deblois
Capital Chrysler

In life there are people who inspire and it is with simplicity that everything is done, this is how I would describe my meeting with Daniel Blouin. I left with the motivation to put everything in place to make a difference. Thank you Daniel!

Josée Drouin
Owner of a Dance School

In coaching, Daniel listens, understands and suggests a very practical course of action to take. He shared some super effective tools that will serve me to develop my professional life. Daniel really gave me the shot in the arm to advance. Thank you for your generosity and for your simplicity!!

Any Rouleau

I made Montreal / Quebec trip strictly for a meeting with Daniel. There was no loss of time, he goes straight to the goal, to what really matters. It’s simple: at the end of the meeting, the next step to take is clear, and the mountain became a hill! Thank you Daniel!

Heidi Spühler

In a consultation with Daniel we always find a solution. His knowledge, analytical mind, his intuition and his examples shows the way.

Mona Duplain

I am very pleased with my consultation with Daniel. He first welcomed like an old friend. He understood my concerns, my desires and my reality. He made a summary and quickly helped me to progress. Most definitely another breakout of my comfort zone!

François Picard
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